Tips On Taming The Short Flyaway Hair After Straightening

Everybody loves hair that is well styled and easy to take care of. After straightening sometimes it can get cumbersome to take care of the flyaways which are just simple small strands of hair that seem to be poking out of everywhere. Flyways are usually your own hair that is too short to be straightened and thus keep poking out in their natural form due to probably static. If you are also trying to find a way here is a list to help you on how to tame flyaways after straightening hair:

Grow them out

Have patience you will probably grow out of the full stop as already mentioned these are very small hair that is still growing and cannot be straightened it can take up to 3 to 4 months for them to grow into the length that they can be straightened like rest of the hair

Try pins or hair clips

You can try to pin them down with hair clips or pins. This method is ideal to pin down the five ways in a single spot and may not be very effective when there is a large number of flavors and you probably might need to hide the clips under the hair. Find more interesting information about best dry shampoo for thin oily hair.

Correct products

One very useful tip is to use the right kind of products for your straightened hair. If you use the right amount of conditioner and make sure to moisturize your hair you will understand it’s easy to take care of the flyaways. You can also use hairspray to tuck in a few strands.

One other very useful tip can be to improve on your blow-drying techniques. When blow-drying, if you dry your hair in downward direction it will help you to keep the flyaways in position and not cause started for them to look odd.