Thesis Word Count: Do Not Take It For Granted Do Your Thesis In More Professional Way

Working on your thesis is sometimes a bit tiring but there are several benefits on your side when you are writing your own thesis. First is that you are learning to enhance to create or form professional arguments and develop more logical thinking skills. When you are writing your thesis, you somewhat tend to be the critic also of your own study. You need to come up with questions and ready the appropriate answers or justifications. Knowing more of your study will help you defend your work.

Second is that it improves your writing skills. Writing essays in a more professional manner will give impact to the readers of your thesis. Lastly, you tend to create problems and solutions at the same time. Throughout your journey in writing your thesis, you tend to learn and explore more. Your curiosity will sometimes penetrate different dimensions that will branch out to new learning related to your study. Source for more about how long is a phd thesis.

Being all said that, thesis especially PhD thesis is expected to be long but how long is it? There are certain universities that will demand a specific thesis word count such as:

  • University of Edinburgh: 100,000
  • University of Exeter: 100,000
  • University of Leister: 80,000
  • University of Bath: 80,000
  • University of Warwick: 70,000

There are also specific universities that will give a required word count depending on the major or course of the student. As for example, University of Sheffield that has this kind of system:

  • Arts & Humanities: 75,000
  • Medicine, Dentistry & Health: 75,000
  • Science: 80,000
  • Social Sciences: 75,000-100,000

If you are confused on what to follow for your PhD thesis, you still have your adviser or thesis consultant to ask them. They are willing to help and guide you to work on your thesis. There are still several requirements in making a thesis. Word count is just one but you should not take it for granted, follow the rules so that you can avoid some hassle in the future. It is better to start professionally as always.